How to Create a LinkedIn Profile for Job

What would become of our livelihood if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube disappeared off the face of the earth? Better yet, what would become of our job hunting efforts without LinkedIn? Chances are you wouldn’t be here if you understood LinkedIn. Learn How to Create a LinkedIn Profile for Job Hunting and “up” your chances of generating more job offers.

It is no joke that everything has gone digital these days. This includes Creating resumes to pass ATS. Building LinkedIn profiles to get a job is a crucial part of this digital puzzle. In fact, a whopping 98% of recruiters log into LinkedIn every day looking for the perfect job candidates.

How are you going to be a contender if your profile is missing?

Why use LinkedIn for Job Seeking in the First Place?
LinkedIn performs several functions for those just getting familiar with How to Create a LinkedIn Profile for Job Hunting, and apart from being a valuable networking tool, many recruitment agencies utilize it for their job placements. It is merely the best way for employers to locate their ideal candidates. This smart job search tool cannot be underestimated in any way, shape, or form.

Do You Have to be on LinkedIn to Land a Job?
To say that all job applicants must create a LinkedIn profile to get a job would be a lie. There are contenders every day seeking jobs who are not actively involved with LinkedIn and do manage to get jobs.

Sadly, few understand how to use LinkedIn correctly. Here at Hired Resume Service, we make writing the perfect LinkedIn profile as easy as baking a cake. All you have to do is Place your LinkedIn order here , and we’ll craft it perfectly – adding just the right ingredients.

When LinkedIn Works in Your Favor

When LinkedIn Summaries are Optimized, you stand more of a chance of being recognized. Think keywords, first person, and story-like brief sentences. Let’s not forget the LinkedIn summary character limit of 2,000 words.

Here’s another little trick:

  • Desktop viewers see the first 220 characters of your summary.
  • Mobile viewers will see the first 92 characters.

LinkedIn Summary Example for Job Seekers


  • Non-Secret Seekers should highlight their experiences by mentioning appropriate levels along with the skills and top companies they have been employed with.
  • Secret Seekers should describe their current position.


  • Non-Secret Seekers should discuss their recent experience by showcasing accomplishments they deem impressive. They will want to highlight any honors or awards here.
  • Secret Seekers should very briefly outline previous experiences without specific accomplishments.


  • Non-Secret Seekers should hone in on traits and skills.
  • Secret Seekers should explain why they enjoy their current work.


  • Non-Secret Seekers should talk about their education and job-related qualifications and credentials.


  • Non-Secret Seekers should explain that they are exploring new job possibilities and opportunities.
  • Secret Seekers should inform readers by they have an interest to connect with old friends and colleagues.

Putting it All Together | A LinkedIn Summary Example

I am a Developmental Manager for Corporation XYZ; a software creator focused on mobile applications for the bank industry. In this role, I manage the company’s performance teams, overseeing high-performance teams and managing revenue by stopping abuse in iPad sites. Our most innovative accomplishment to date was the implementation of a revolutionizing tool that changed Company XYZ’s manufacturing cost process. Not only did we have fun working as a team, but we also found it satisfying to reap the benefits of growth and accomplishment.

Before connecting with XYZ, I worked for banks – XYZ Bank and XYZ Bank. I was fortunate enough to manage clients such as XYZ, XYZ, and XYZ.

I feel spirited about my work and am always willing to connect with other marketers and colleagues. My favorite aspects of managing projects are working with the day to day organizational processes of offshore support team and training.

I have a MBA from XYZ University and a BA from XYZ University.

It is an interest of mine to connect with former and creative colleagues or managers. Feel free to contact me if you would like to also connect.

Tips and Tricks to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile
More on How to Create a LinkedIn Profile for Job Hunting

Some job seekers think everything is good to go once a LinkedIn summary is complete. This is not true. The majority of those who claim so have not created a profile that is visible and attractive to others. Do you have a LinkedIn Profile? If so, study this information, and make yours better. However, if you don’t want another DIY project, it might be worth your time and money to hire a professional LinkedIn writer from Hired Resume Service.

Include Every Organization You Have Worked For

It is common to see applicants selecting some places where they have worked and leaving others when writing their resumes. This type of selection is not advisable on LinkedIn. This is because employers may be interested in recruiting individuals who have worked in a specific organization at one time or the other. Who knows whether one of the establishments you deleted from your resume is what the recruiters are looking for?

Besides, it is possible for colleagues that have worked together somewhere before to be reconnected via LinkedIn. Assuming you did not mention where you have previously worked, it will be difficult for recruiters to contact you.

Note that if you will be highly ranked for visibility on LinkedIn, one of the requirements is building a huge contact list. Briefly touch on the corporations and organizations you have worked, positions held, membership of bodies, societies, and associations, as well as every certification you obtained. Employers may search by any of these parameters.

For instance, a resume might look like this:

“Achieved 40% sales by introducing the referral system and offering an irresistible bonus.”

But for LinkedIn, you can write:

“I picked up an appointment with XYZ Corp after meeting the company’s CEO at the 2016 XYZ convention. My previous XYZ Corp’s selling experience allowed me to usher immediate results, such as growing our customer base by…”

How to Tailor Your LinkedIn Profile to Meet A Particular Purpose

It is the common practice to tailor resumes to meet specific organizations and requirements. Although, this is useful when sending an application, if you apply this on LinkedIn, you will be missing several opportunities. You should prepare your profile in such a way that it will attract a vast network of colleagues, managers, and recruiters – even old friends in the work-place. This way, it looks more social (a plus, especially when you wouldn’t want your current boss to know you are even looking for a new job). See the above example.

Back Up Your Claims with Proof

Scoring LinkedIn recommendations is for another day, but I will say this: Unlike resumes where you can provide unlimited claims with nothing to prove until you are invited for an interview, this is not so in LinkedIn. When you provide information regarding your skills or experience on LinkedIn, you are given the opportunity to prove your claims.

For instance, while writing your summary, you may claim that you perform more than expected on your job but showcasing an attractive recommendation from a former boss backs up this claim.

Don’t Sound Too Formal

Write your biography in a conversational tone and in a way that humanizes you. Discuss why you developed a passion to do what you are doing, rather than just mentioning what you do. Mentioning the years of experience you have with a particular firm is good, but it is better to focus on how you began your career there. Comment on the teams you successfully worked with as well as your personal philosophy. Stating the type of projects that excite you most is also vital.

Don’t Claim to be What You are Not

When learning How to Create a LinkedIn Profile for Job Hunting purposes, it is never advisable to state something that does not reflect you. And if you point out your entire achievements, breakthroughs, and problems that have been solved through your intervention on your previous jobs, this will automatically portray you as a personality that is detailed oriented.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at 612-400-5563 for a free LinkedIn Profile Writing and/or Resume consultation. Our certified resumes are professionally written to pass the Applicant Tracking System. We service every state in the country including, Minnesota, Arizona, Virginia, New York, Illinois, Utah, Ohio and Georgia.

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